About me

Finding your next real estate property - whether it’s your first purchase, vacation home, or an additional investment in your portfolio, is as much a logical as it is an emotional process. When you find your dream property, you know it because it feels right. As your real estate advisor, I understand what inspires and drives you. I focus on your unique needs and incorporate all elements of your style! After assisting you in finding the perfect home and closing your investment, you will be left with a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction.

That said, emotion without logic can be blind. In becoming your real estate advisor, I offer you a combination of value and service grounded in sound analysis of the market and in-depth investigation of the property. I offer you a structured approach to your decision-making process.

I have several years of experience as a management consultant and financial advisor. In this capacity, I have worked with numerous international clients on a variety of complex transactions. This experience has allowed me to develop my skills as a detail-oriented problem solver and has shaped me into an adaptable advisor with the capacity to find numerous solutions to non-traditional problems. It has also strengthened my advocacy skills, as a decisive and assertive negotiator on behalf of my clients.

Also, I have years of experience as a lecturer at an esteemed international university. This experience helped me in developing clear communication skills and becoming adept at synthesizing complex information into easily digestible material. The level of service I provide helps you to make a truly informed decision, allowing you to have confidence in your investment.

Further, I am an artist! This attribute provides me with the distinct ability to understand that despite a thorough analysis of every minute detail, when the gestalt is missing, we need to go back to the drawing board and restart the process.

I welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you, not only to explore your next real estate property, but also to learn about your personal approach to real estate in particular, and to investments in general.