Jin speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and Chaozhou dialect. He has many years of experience helping international buyers to buy a house in the United States and has in-depth research on school districts and investment houses. Since his uncles is a developer in China, and own a construction company, he is proficient in all the question of the property. Jin’s a professional representative with a robust knowledge of Greater Boston real estate, a deep understanding of finance, and his portfolio of private investment properties both in the U.S and China.

小蔡会讲普通话,广东话,潮州话, 有着多年的帮助国际买家在美购房的经验, 对学区房和投资房有深入的研究,熟悉在美投资买房的诸多细节。 小蔡的家族在国内从事房地产开发工作,拥有装修公司, 从小耳濡目染, 对房屋的装修和专业知识对您买房和卖房都很有帮助。