Having grown up in an 1800's Colonial fixer-upper turned formal bed and breakfast, Lacey has a strong background in customer service and hospitality. She approaches each client relationship with attention to detail and individualized needs. The ultimate goal for her is to make clients feel knowledgeable about the process, advocated for and confident in their purchase or sale. 

After graduating from UMASS Boston with a degree in Psychology, Lacey spent 10+ years working in administration in early education centers before buying a home of her own and truly discovering her passion for real estate. She then moved on to short term property management and ultimately getting her real estate license. Lacey's path to real estate may have been slightly less conventional than most, but a clear landing place for her where she can blend her customer service skills with love of real estate. 

Lacey is creative, hard working and enjoys problem solving, she looks forward to meshing these skills with her passions to provide the best services possible. In her spare time Lacey enjoys staying active, exploring new places, gardening and spending time with friends and family.